Fun Paper Facts

history-collageDid you know that Wisconsin is the #1 papermaking state in the U.S.? This is just one fascinating fact about this important industry.

Unique Paper Products Made in Wisconsin

What holds frozen orange juice, helps make popcorn, or glows in the dark?  Paper made in Wisconsin!

As the nation’s number one papermaking state, Wisconsin is known as a leader in the diversity of paper products.

Even though we use paper products several times every day, most people aren’t aware that they’re made right here in Wisconsin. Let’s take a look at some common and not-so-common products you may use or have seen.

  • If you’re recovering from a cold, changing a baby’s diaper, or printing something on your home computer, the likelihood is high that you’re using tissue, diapers, or paper made in the State of Wisconsin.
  • Children use and enjoy Wisconsin-made paper in many forms, from drawing, construction, and glow-in-the-dark paper, to fast food wrappers, gum wrappers, and microwave popcorn bags. Paper canisters hold favorites like frozen orange juice, refrigerated dough, and potato chips. And paper pouches keep foods like instant soup or hot cocoa mix safe and dry.
  • Even when children are playing games or watching cartoons, Wisconsin paper may be playing a role. Game boards and animation papers are both made here.
  • Wisconsin paper is used by adults when paying bills (check paper, envelopes, and window envelope glassine), scheduling appointments (day planner paper), jotting down a note (repositionable "sticky" notes), or reading their favorite novel (book paper).
  • Paper can also be found when making home improvements, like laying down a new floor (laminate floor backing), sanding (abrasive backing), or installing insulation (insulation facing), or rewiring (electrical cable paper).
  • Businesses use locally made paper in the form of an annual report or financial prospectus, business cards, carbonless paper, copy paper wrappers, and watermarked paper or letterhead.
  • Important events in our lives, like announcing the birth of a child (announcement papers) or a wedding (wedding invitations) are made even more special with paper. Album paper, used for storing photographs, and paper used for greeting cards are also produced in Wisconsin.

What other interesting paper products are made in our state? Try map paper, marble-looking paper, napkins, neon paper, parchment, and picture frames!