About Us

Wisconsin has led the nation in papermaking for more than 50 years.

From the home and classroom to the printer and board room, more than 5.3 million tons of paper and over 1.1 million tons of paperboard are produced and distributed annually nation- and worldwide. For this reason, the paper industry and its allied industries continue to be key factors in the state’s economic well-being.

The Wisconsin Paper Council advocates for and represents its members in public affairs and public relations matters, serves as a center for the exchange of ideas, and disseminates news and information concerning the industry including proposed legislation and job opportunities.

The Council also works to educate and inform the generations of tomorrow by providing educators with informational tools to aide in teaching Wisconsin’s children about the importance of paper and the papermaking process…thus preserving our legacy well into the future.

Meet Our Staff:


Jeffrey G. Landin


Jeff Landin is responsible for developing and implementing programs designed to promote and protect the state's paper industry.


Earl J. Gustafson

Vice President, Energy,
Forestry & Human Resources

Earl Gustafson is responsible for administering the WPC's involvement in energy, forestry and unemployment compensation issues impacting the state's pulp and paper industry, as well as developing and administering special projects designed to protect and promote the industry.

 Ryan Smith

VP of Government Relations


Ryan Smith is responsible for directing and implementing the day-to-day legislative and regulatory activities of the Wisconsin Paper Council.